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I found this wonderful website that contains all of the old Doctor Who serials and I've been working on watching all of them! I know, it's been a bit a challenge at times, but I feel like I am big enough of a fan to do it and I wanted to know what has come before. I wondered, "Maybe there *IS* a companion more awesome than Rose? Maybe Ten isn't my favorite Doctor? Maybe the Time Lords deserved to die?"

Ok. I found out the answer to the last question in "The End Of Time, Part I & II". It was YES;)

But what I've really found is a wealth and treasury of television from a bygone age in a different land. While some of it has been trite, other things have been magical. PURE magic. They must have known they were onto something special, because they kept at the scripts and hammering and chipping away at the Tardis, until the show began to evolve on it's own. And it's a sight to behold.

From the moment you see the Tardis in the first episode (An Unearthly Child), you know that something isn't right. And when you see The Doctor, at first he seems to be a scary old lunatic. But very quickly you learn he's not only a lunatic, he's a "mad" scientist, and an alien one, at that. But he brings you in with his inquisitiveness and his penchant for purposeful menace (in An Unearthly Child), and you want to go with him and scout out a planet that is charred to it's core.

I've already watched all of the First Doctor's serials that comprise the first 3 Series and two serials at the beginning of the 4th Series. After that The First Doctor becomes The Second Doctor and the show changes a bit. With the First Doctor, the show was obviously trying to teach and entertain the audience, which was made up mostly of children. So the stories are simple, yet knowledgeable, and imaginative. They use the future to show us the horrible things we can't fathom, and the past to educate on where we've come from as a society. I hope to start going back over what I've watched and maybe save some people some time, unless you are as hardcore as I am, which is fine;) If you would like to start your own Classic Doctor Who watch list, I recommend two things: 1)Get Netflix! They have all the Doctor who that is already released, with most of the rest to be released all by 2013! 2)Go to this website, and start here: http://lifetheuniverseandcombom.blogspot.com/2009/03/watch-all-doctor-who-william-hartnell.html This will start you with all of the First Doctor serials and link you on as you go. And check out that website, too. Combom has put a lot into it and it's a wealth of information and news (AND DAILY PUZZLES!!!).

Anyway, I have some other ideas about the Classic Doctor Who stories, but I'm going to address them on a serial by serial basis from here on out. See, I put myself on hiatus from NuWho, because I don't like anything about it, so I'm going to have to focus my energies elsewhere, anyway.

This summer is going to be interesting;)



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