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Comic-Con and How I'm Not There

So, Comic-Con festivities start tomorrow and my friends, The Mansons, are going to be there. Though, I knew I wouldn't have the money to go (and, I don't), I am still totally happy for them.

And, yes, jealous as hell.

Had I known that David Tennant and Russell T. Davies were going to be there, I would have split Heaven and Hell trying to get the money to go. Oh well. You live, you learn. Still, I am completely psyched for them (AND, my friends in L.A. who are making the trek to San Diego, also). I have been following (seems like for weeks now) certain twitterati that are covering the con, especially in reference to extra parties and Doctor Who/Torchwood. So, I'm pretty knowledgeable about what is going on where. Very exciting. It is a geek mecca!

I am waiting until Sunday evening to really say anything about Torchwood: Children of Earth or Doctor Who: Planet of The Dead. Now, I've seen both of them already, but it just isn't right to talk about it, yet. That being said, I would like to talk about the reaction of people that have already seen COE. First thing, calm down folks. It is a story, and I know we get attached to things and people being in a set place in a story, (take it from me, I KNOW, and have the geek cred to prove it!) but I have to agree with the writers in you must serve the story and the journey of the characters. There was a bit of a ruckus a few weeks ago over one one of the Torchwood writer's blog where people were chewing his ass left and right and threatening him and Russell T. Davies. Really unnecessary and inappropriate comments. And it was really, because people could get to him easily, because he had a blog. A blog where he shared part of the writing process with fans and what it was like to work on these wonderful shows. I just want to say shame on those people who were SO ugly to him and RTD. There is never a reason to act like that, and I haven't heard of anything on this scale since Chewbacca died. *(Yes, Chewbacca was killed in Vector Prime. Not Peter Mayhew, who will be at Comic Con)

Anyway, I feel very protective of my favorite talent whether it be directors, writers, actors, whomever is involved with my favorite shows or bands, whatever. I am always going to advocate to respect their privacy and personal space, no matter if it is a blog or a singular interview. There are boundaries you do not cross. Everyone is busy and making an effort to entertain you, and I consider it a treat if someone takes a second to tweet at us. You can enjoy their work without being fucking creepy about it. There are bigger media related issues that go with this, but fan wise, it's just us out here in fandom. I beg of people to PLEASE be cool and do not act like animals about your show.

Besides, there is always the Ret-Con. *rolls eyes*


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